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OT - World's largest cast iron skillet rigged


Hot Rolled
Mar 15, 2014
Made in America, 14,000 lbs, enroute to the Lodge museum in South Pittsburg, Tenn.

That large casting looks tricky. Is that rigging DOT legal? Does anything secure the the pan to the trailer?

Looks like a nice piece of work, and great PR. It looks smoother than the Lodge pans I've bought.

Video: https://twitter.com/ABC13News/status/1482019615777644551/video/1


Feast your eyes on the world's largest cast iron skillet weighing 14,000 lbs. in Tennessee | WZTV

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WZTV) Some Tennessee drivers got quite the surprise Wednesday: a giant cast iron skillet being hauled by a truck along I-59.

The massive skillet was making its way to the Lodge Cast Iron shop in South Pittsburg, where guests will eventually be able to feast their eyes on it at the Lodge Cast Iron Museum.

It's said to be the world's largest, measures over 18 feet from handle to handle and weighs a whopping 14,360 lbs. But it's just one part of the museum planning to open in late summer 2022.

“In 2021, we celebrated 125 years of Lodge Cast Iron, and as we look ahead to 2022 and the next 125 years, we're thrilled to be bringing the Lodge Cast Iron Museum to South Pittsburg, said Mike Otterman, CEO and president of Lodge Cast Iron. Covering everything from the history of cast iron to how it's used today, the museum is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our community and share Lodge with the world through this unmatched experience.

Lodge has been making cast iron cookware at its family-owned foundries in South Pittsburg, Tennessee since 1896. Learn more here.
What's the diameter of cooking area?

World's Largest Pancake Griddle at The Birkett Mills.

I get it, though - "cast iron".
Birkett Mill's is fabbed. :(

Still, that buckwheat pancake was a feat! :)


World’s Largest Pancake - Life in the Finger Lakes



Cast Iron
Jan 31, 2005
San Francisco Bay Area
Got me to thinking of the griddle and pancakes in a Paul Bunyan story. The griddle was so large it was oiled with something strapped to ice skates on several lumberjacks. I forget how the pancake batter was poured and turned. I read that story 70 years ago when I was 8 so I have forgotten the details.


Nov 3, 2013
Eastern Massachusetts, USA
Reminds me of the old Paul Bunyan tales.

"The skillet was so large we had boys strap pieces of bacon to their feet and skate around to grease it."

Ha, after I posted I see Lathehand beat me to it!