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OT Yale Forklift engine mfgr. question


Ok, yet another Forklift question about yet another Yale forklift.

This one is a 1986 GDP0060
(6000lb pneumatic tire, diesel engine)

Question is, if this was Propane or Gasoline, which engine would Yale have put in it?
Mazda Perhaps?

The diesel in this one is shot and parts are SO costly, it's not worth it, so.....I am thinking about putting a
225 slant six Chrysler in it. It's automatic trans with torque converter, and (I think) SAE 3 or 4 bellhousing.
So I will need to find or make an adapter for it.
But curious if Yale might have put a 225 S/S behind this transmission.....
I found a 'good running' engine for $150, the FL cost me $150, so I have some time equity I can invest here....rest of the truck is in good condition including tires.

Maybe someone is familiar with this vintage, or the usage of the slant six in the 060 (6000 lb) series?


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Apr 28, 2006
citrus heights,ca
I have a champion at work, 8,000lb towable mid 70's vintage with a slant 6 chrysler in it.
Once upon a time it was gas powered, but has been converted to propane . Who ever did the conversion forgot to remove the gas tank.
I scrapped an old , old Yale that had a chrysler flat head in it.



Jun 5, 2009
Near:Louisville, KY
Simply call your Yale dealer parts dept and ask. Mine has been very helpful. Pm if it don't work and i'll check my catalogs (not here) and reply. The Mazda FE is a gas engine...