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Our Shop Floor Programming Solution for Our VMC.


Jul 5, 2022
We bought a CMX/Ecomill 1100 a few years back. I found the controller to be a little more limited than I expected. I know most people operate their machines with CAD/CAM now and programming at the controller has lost a lot of focus. But we do everything at the machine. We don't do production. Mostly one-off parts or modifications to existing parts. So to suit our needs and get the programming up to where I expected it to be, I wrote my own conversational programming app. And because it's tested on a CMX 1100, I thought I'd post it here if others are in the same boat. The video showcases the AR and On screen 'eye candy'. But I think the less visual elements are more important. Such as the automatic tool selection, fairly idiot proof thread milling, helical boring and ramping.

YouTube Video Link

App Link
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