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Aug 27, 2002
Northwest Ohio
Since my old thread is 6 (?) yrs old and none of the links werk enymore - nor can they be edited, I guess no point in resurecting that old thread eh?

Here is a taste.

The "Compound" per Perry:


I am ox I approve this here post!

Never knew of anyone who hated trees so much!:eek:

You hafta understand that the farm is dated to 1880 (?) and when I moved here in '87 (Tha'd be 1987) there were a lot more ... well there was a lot more everything here. We cleaned up a lot of the annoyance stuff. You know - like the old chicken coup that only housed chucks instead of chicks, flowers and [sparrow] bushes planted every which'a way by a senile old lady that would git a burr occassionaly.

Then some big storms in the mid/late 90's took out a cherry tree, an apple tree, and another big willow like you see there. Those two have (had) to be 100 yrs old if they are a day. There usta be a summer kitchen beside the house that I used as a woodshed for many yrs, but when that willow came down - the wood shed came too. Very light damage to the house tho. :D I was done cuttin' wood by then enyway. Too much time away from the shop... Gas was cheaper at that point. ($.90/Gal. Remember that?)

A tree cutter came out and trimmed the other willow back. He was originally s'posed to cut it down. (W/O taking out the house eh?) He cut it back to the end of the pithy stuff and the smallest stuff on it at that point was prolly 10"D. We decided to leave it be. It looked stupid for a yr or two, but soon looked fine. (As seen in the pic)

We have some maples that are dooing just fine these days that likely weren't even planted at that time. The tree in the middle next to the drive is gone to make more room for trucks to git around.

So historically we have had and doo aggin have more trees. Haven't had eny of the real big straight line wind / tornado type storms roll through here in the last handfull of yrs like we did all through the 90's. Must be that dagumm Global Warming causing the current mildness! :angry:


Think Snow Eh!
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Don't git'cher panties in a wad...

Russ has been at it for a GOOD six months and has only just recently posted a pic of iron! (Well - not really I guess.... That was boxes in front of iron wasn't it?) I posted iron pics 6 yrs ago! :D


Think Snow Eh!
I don't farm anymore, but I still love the smell of fresh turned dirt and diesel.

And I bleed Green - 'cept for the Farmall A that is in the garage that hasn't moved an inch in 15 yrs.


Think Snow Eh!
Never knew of anyone who hated trees so much!:eek:

You get wind howling there no matter what direction it's from!

I just sold a piece of property like that. I had planned on building the new and improved home and shop on it, but I just need to have some woods around me. I grew up on 200 acres of hilly hardwood forest that my folks still live on and living in the open flat land is not for me. The wife and I have our eyes on a couple nice pieces of wooded land that are going dirt cheap thanks to the current real estate environment.
Funny - David I live in a house with big windows looking out on a lake. When I think about moving to farm so I could have a large shop near a nice house, I look for very wide open space with a view over water.

You want trees around you (makes sense), I have a kind of claustraphobia and want vast space (just the opposite.)