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I have one of the swiss up and running.
Hope to git to the 2nd soon...

Plus I have:

Two T51's
One Twin Turn 65
3 VMCII mills

(I think that's all)


Think Snow Eh!
New Iron Monday!

So, just got home late last night with this jem (I hope) on the back.
J&L 30" shadow graph.
Hopefully it still works after a 10 hr ride home from Jersey.


And while there, I had to stop in to ingest a bit of Bruce @ Asbury Park.
So "Greetings!"


OK, so a little of this went a long way. Getting to the park was like a labyrinth, and I was keeping a third eye out for the bull! Boy I hate the city! And then add the fact that I have had my life fullfillment of rainbows by now ... :ack2:


Think Snow Eh!
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Uh, does the bulb live in the housing by the opperator?
I think it does eh?

So yeah, that housing was loose and rode home in the back seat.


Think Snow Eh!
New Iron Saturday:

I just got in late last night from picking this unit up from an auction site in U/S New Yawk.
Bought a drier with it too, but not convinced that it is much of anything, will see....

This unit built new in 2000, and appears to have never been put into service. (nor the drier)
Note the cardboard on the aftercooler. (same on other side) This is a factory installed protection.
It was fully intact when we loaded out.

Quincy "Duplex" 10hp thumper compressor.
Meaning that it has 2 seperate 10hp motor compressor units on one tank/package.
The units can stagger and back each other up.
200 gallon tank.
Stands roughly 6' tall.
Top heavy load - I was glad to have been running training wheels on the truck.
I knew that it was the real deal when I bought it, but it is more "real" than I expected.



Think Snow Eh!
Great find Ox!

I have a similar, single Quincy 10HP compressor on a 200 gallon tank. Mine is the QR370 pump maybe? I purchased it used back in 2010, and it feeds the entire 4k ft. shop. The only thing I've done is rebuild the valves, which is cheap and easy. (You shouldn't have to for maybe 50k hours, eh?!)

Those units will see you to retirement for sure. The industrial grade Quincy piston compressors are as overbuilt for the purpose as anything ever made. And yes, mounted on a 200/240 gallon horizontal tank, these behemoths are six foot or so tall...taller than me!

The Quincys run slow, and actually have a pleasing "thump, thump, thump". You can make the sound even deeper and with larger air intake filter assemblies.

Definitely set them up to run alternately, to balance usage over time.

Quincy oil is what they recommend, but it's expensive. I run full synthetic compressor oil in mine, as it's outside. For the Virginia winters, I have a small electric "stick-on" 100W heater mounted to the bottom of the crankcase, temperature activated.

ON EDIT: And you know me, I've got mine controlled by a Mitsubishi 7.5kw VFD, to make the startup and shutoff effortless. I run the motor at 57Hz, just to tune the sound, haha

I have the VFD mounted inside a vented electrical box inside the shop, and it runs off a 3-phase contactor that is turned on/off with the shop lights, so the VFD will be off (and the compressor can't run) if the lights are off.

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That's a keeper Ox!

I have exactly half that compressor. Mine is a pair of Quincy 325's feeding a 240 tank. I did same as toolcat and run mine on vfd's for a nice mellow startup.

For a point of reference, last year I picked up a 2001ish Quincy 325 on a 80 tank that had never been used. I figured nice backup, but then it sunk in I'd never need it. I sold it for $4500 to a friend who needed a 5hp compressor and didn't want to spend same money on China junk.
Nice find Ox!

I am using an ABB soft starter I got off ebay for cheap to slowly start up my 7.5hp 3ph air compressor. I think I paid under $100 for it shipped if I remember correctly. I got the air compressor off Craigslist for $300.

The reason the auto shop was selling the air compressor was they moved their shop to a new location and only had single phase power available. They told me they had to buy several single phase air compressors to replace the work this one did. When they asked, I told them I had 3 phase power to run it no problem. (y) I neglected to mention anything about my phase converter. :D
I sold it for $4500 to a friend who needed a 5hp compressor and didn't want to spend same money on China junk.
Last "China junk" compressor I was involved with was a 30 hp Sullair screw, for $3,000. I can see not wanting a screw compressor but "junk" it was not. Last I heard it had been running 5 years 2 shifts 7 days/week with only the annual oil and filter changes.

Ox said:
I knew that it was the real deal when I bought it, but it is more "real" than I expected.
Had that exact same experience with a Devlieg. It was a cute little mill where I bought it. Got it home and it turned out to be a monster :D Funny how a huge open-air factory can make machines look small.

Cool comparator. Comes with its own tent, maybe put a Coleman stove out front and have barbecues sometimes ? :D
He was going to buy an IR for $4500. IR's are trash.
Another brand name that used to be good, gobbled up by some banksters and sold on the street for $2 a throw :(

but while I'm here ... Ox, you do little stuff, ever messed with polygon turning ? Do you know what it takes control-wise ? It appears that people are doing it with non-specialized control features ... and I've seen some really peculiar stuff done this way

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