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Paint Stripper Bucket?


Jun 19, 2020

We make small decorative metal items, when they are all done we give them a few coats of Rustoleum clear. Occasionally we spot a defect after the fact and the part needs to be repaired and then re-finished. The problem the finish takes forever to get the finish off. it's 70% of the rework time.

We've used general paint strippers, put the part in a bag, and let it work. Then we tumble it again to get off the stripper, sandblast, and start finishing again. The problem we've seen is general paint strippers seam to loose there effectiveness relatively quickly, expensive and messy in general.

Do they make something that goes in a 5 gal bucket, then we can just put a few parts in and let it soak overnight. Then close up the bucket until we need it again? Doesn't have to be fast, slowly effective and long lasting would be better.

I was thinking about lye, but I wanted to ask you first before I ended up with a 5 gal bucket of lye. :)



Jan 31, 2011
BFE Nevada/San Marcos Tx
Super Clean is a name brand product, use google for more info, and you can buy it at any big box store, unless CA banned it:D. Its a caustic cleaner, you will have to look up contents, it is pretty good at removing paint if left soaking.