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Palletech Required Tool List and Resource Check issues.


Jan 19, 2022
I'm new to Mazak. We have a 6800 II machining center with a Nexus controller. The programs are all written in EIA/ISO. The scheduler is set as "by part number" as is appropriate for our application. The pocket monitor shows all the tools and updates after the completion of every program.

On the controller I can view all the tool data but in order to get to the tool file page I need to go to the display map and there's no information there. Not sure if that's relevant but there it is.

On the FMS computer when I do a manual entry for the required tool list I enter the group number. The manual says to also fill in the Used No column in seconds. This is different vernacular to anything I can find on the tool data page on the controller or in the pocket monitor. I tried setting it for the tool life expiration time and for the current usage time. Neither have solved the ultimate problem which is...

Once I've added the required tool I can set the tool to expired via the controller (60 minutes = expired and current usage = 61 minutes) upload the new data to the pocket monitor, and even though the tool is expired it'll still send the part with the expired tool in to run the program.

Also if I go to the missing tool or setup tool screen on the FMS computer the all the tools in the machine show up in the Unused column including the tool I set up as a required tool for a part.

It feels like I'm missing a simple step but I've combed through the manual and can't figure it out. Any advice is much appreciated.

Also, I made sure all the parameters for the FMS matched the recommended parameters as per the palletech manual.
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Dec 17, 2012
I am totally shooting from the hip here. EIA/ISO programs are very different from Mazatrol programs, and each uses tool information differently from the other. Or not at all. It sounds like you are looking for Mazatrol tool info that does not exist with EIA/ISO tools and offsets?