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Parameter for zero return push button

Nov 15, 2005
Currently this is one of my only machines where I actually have to hold the X+ or Z+ button the entire time it zero returns. Which is sometimes a pain especially if you think it is in zero return mode but it is actually in jog mode and then it overtravels because you are holding it.

All my other machines I just need to push the X+ or Z+ and it zeros by itself. Not sure if this is a keeper relay or parameter. If parameter does anyone know which one?
control is Fanuc 18i-TB. Thank you!!
gregormarwick is correct. A one touch reference return is a feature created by the machine builder within their ladder logic. Some builders will make this function available by setting a keeprelay. Most keeprelay function assignments are determined by the builder so you will need to refer to builder documentation to see if this is available. You could post the machine make and model and possibly someone here with an identical machine might have the answer.
My Fanuc 0i-mf+ DEM 4000 works like that but does not overshoot the ref position. It has absolute encoders so manual referencing is not needed in normal operation.