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Parameters for Meldas 65 control needed


Mar 15, 2022
I have a Daewoo Lynx 200a with a Mits Meldas 64 control that has lost it parameters. Does anyone have a list of parameters or a text file I can DNC in for this? I understand that the X and Z backlash won't be correct, but have a jumping off point and then being able to go back to the manual is my plan.

I have reached out to Doosan and Mits but they have been slow to respond and Mits has very limited / generic parameter lists. Not sure if the issue is the Doosan / Daewoo reorg or what.

Also before I get a bunch of "you should have backed up your parameter lists posts" yes and I am doing so now to prevent this in the future. I am only looking for help or guidance on this.