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Part Ejector for 16C Collet

Flash Gordon

Jan 29, 2004
Chicago, IL
I have a Mori Seiki sub-spindle lathe that has 16C collet chucks. Right now, I'm using a Hardinge spring loaded part ejector in the sub-spindle.
It works ok for short parts, but not so good for longer parts. Is there a better product on the market , or does anyone have a design that would work better?


I believe the design of the sub spindle is going to dictate what you can use. Didn't the machine come with an ejection system or was one an option? I scrapped a machine a couple years back that could eject pretty long skinny parts. It was just a rod assembly with an adjustable collar that came with various length springs, but it was part of the sub spindle assembly and not the collet. I thought I might have saved the guts to use on something else,but I just checked and it must have went to the scrap yard. I might still have the book on the machine that has a drawing. That would only be of use to get an idea on what to make if the subs were similar in design.


Cast Iron
Dec 17, 2013
Ohio, USA
I recently had to figure this out on our new nlx lathe. What model mori is it? Ours has a draw bar (non through) on the sub spindle with air through it to part eject. It came with an ejector for the 6" Kitagawa. I made a similar pusher but one that threads into the collet.

Perry Harrington

Oct 7, 2006
Klamath Falls, Oregon
What Kapster described is basically a Hardinge 5C collet bar feeder.

I built one for a 16C collet that's about 1m long.

Basically it's a DOM tube with a pusher that is conical, to receive the end of a bar and prevent whipping.

A cap on the end of the bar has a rotary union in it, with a push-lock air fitting.

A nylon 1/4" air tube goes to a pressure regulator that's adjusted to a low air pressure, enough to engage the pusher, but not resist the pick-off operation.

Then you just screw the DOM tube into the back of the 16C collet where the normal depth stop goes.


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
This is a set that I made up for a 16C sub-spindle 20 yrs ago.

The unit has came loose a few times over the years on long runs, and buggered up the threads to the point that there's not much holding it anymore, and I may need to remake the one piece one day, but otherwise it works good.

She swallows pretty long parts - which is why I had'ta make it to begin with.

The actuator is a feed-out spring from a 9/16 Acme that I shove up in the spindle and bottom out.
I may have to shorten it a bit to work? I don't recall for sure right off the top of my noggin ... :o

I have a slew of tips that I change per job, from a 5/16-18 stud up to - something close to 1.625 I s'pose....

It's not fancy!





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