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Parts for the older mitutoyo dro


Nov 12, 2005
southern u.s
Really didn't know where to post this so thought some of you might have one of these old 1980s Bridgeport high school mills with the mitutoyo dro on it , with the round 6 pin connection , I need a linear scale for it 1150mm ( 45 inch) or so , to move this dro over to my south bend 6ft, lathe , going put a newer one on the mill with more features, so far I have not been able to find one , have e- mailed a couple places including mitutoyo but have not heard back yet , any advice or help will be appreciated.


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Aug 2, 2008
Sussex, England
Are these the sine wave output type of scale or TTL?

Mitutoyo make adapters which may help match a different type to the display head see second page here https://www.mitutoyo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/H-section-Linear-Scales.pdf .

Discussion here Mitutoyo Scale Output - The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop Magazine's BBS that may help once you have worked round the amateur site confusion.

Might be worth looking into the economics of selling your Mitutoyo kit outright and going all new "decent but not silly expensive" brand on both mill and lathe. If you have to buy a new Mitutoyo scale I'd say the economics be well in favour of sell and get two new sets. I'd use magnetic scales rather than glass on a lathe anyway purely for space and fitting them in reasons.