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Parts list for a Central machinery 1440 E


Apr 4, 2024
Hope this is in the right place. Total newb here.

Need the gear that hooks the apron? to the shaft gear. Or a source to buy a stock gear to mod.


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Not sure what you mean by "hooks the apron"? Is that the pinion gear that engages the rack that runs underneath the front way? If you can figure out tooth count and diameter you can start searching Boston Gear, KHK, Arrow etc, google is your friend. Your other option is ebay, if it is 18 tooth, search "gear 18T". If you are lucky, you can find something that you can bore/bush/face-off to fit. Your last option is custom, which is never cheap. You also need to figure out if it is diametral pitch or module, based on country of mfr, my guess is module.

Not sure your machine will get much love here, some machines are not to be discussed, remove mfr name from title, delete first pic, keep discussion to "lathe" and "gear".

Edit: And go read the South Bend publication "How to Run a Lathe" and get your terminology right.

Edit again: You can download operation and parts manual here https://www.routerforums.com/threads/central-machinery-1340-1440-lathe.38882/
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Have you tried harbor freight or grizzly? Grizzly has manuals on line. I’m sure my kid has a parts manual for that lathe shaped object in his files if you need the part number.

Edit, see someone already posted the manual. Go through and identify the part and then you can generally order the part on the HF website. If you know exactly what you are looking for, sometimes you can find it on eBay. I found a higher quality gear for a 7”x12” Chinese bandsaw that went bald.

Lastly if you can’t get the part, too old, out of stock, either check the manufacturer that built the lathe for HF (HF does not build their lathes but their name is on the machine) and see if the carry it. As a last resort, pm me and I’ll try to get you some measurements. The Grizzly part may or may not came out of same factory.
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