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PEPS 6.1.4 NC Programming system: wire eroding


Feb 18, 2024
I have lost the wire simulation path, so I can't see the wire move along the path anymore, can anyone tell me how to get it back please?
To restore the wire simulation path in the PEPS 6.1.4 NC Programming system for wire eroding, you can try the following steps. These general steps are based on common features found in CAM software. Since PEPS is a specialized tool, the exact terminology or steps might vary slightly:
  1. Check Visualization Settings:
    • Navigate to the visualization or simulation settings within the PEPS software. There might be an option to enable or disable the display of tool paths, including wire paths. Ensure that the option to display the wire path is enabled.
  2. Reset to Default Views:
    • Sometimes, changing the view settings can cause the simulation path to disappear from view. Look for an option to reset the view to default settings or standard views to see if the wire path becomes visible again.
  3. Simulation Preferences:
    • Go into the simulation preferences or options and check if there are any settings specifically related to the wire simulation path. It’s possible that a setting was changed inadvertently which hid the path.
  4. Reload or Re-import the Tool Path:
    • If the wire path was accidentally deleted or corrupted, try reloading the CAM file or re-importing the tool path data to see if that restores the wire simulation path.
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