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Perforated Tube - Where to get tube CNC drilled in the UK ?


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Looking to get some mild steel, thin walled (1-1.5mm)tube drilled with diamond pattern close drilled holes. Seamless tube with an OD of 20-22mm

Must be drilled as opposed to laser cut as i'm thinking too much debris will be left on the inside of the tube for my application.

If you know of, or can suggest anyone who could do this in the UK please message me.


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If you drill you're still going to have to hone out the bore to deburr anyway, so I reckon you'd still be way ahead with the tube laser and dealing with refinishing the bore afterwards...


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call up the germans, and see who has one of these in blighty. They are cnc, but very primitive simple cnc, and can drill square, round, or odd shaped tubes, and are a relatively cheap machine. https://youtu.be/uBdBEB7j0VU
We have a CNC rotary head we can attach to our EDM hole driller. It could probably give a smaller burr then a drill.

Where are you based?