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phone apps for machining needs


Sep 23, 2002
Lawrenceville GA USA
I know this is a CadCam forum but I did some searches and didnt find what I was looking for in General or CNC forums. I just got a new Android phone in December. Last phone was a 2014 phone and I couldnt load most newer apps. Now that I have a newer phone I have started looking for apps that would be applicable to machine work.

I was wondering what where you using? Some people have advertised ones they created, that is fine but I have a few specific things I wanted to know about.

First as I am looking at new CadCam software, are there apps for phone use that work with the major brands of CadCam software? I know my question is vague, but I am not sure what I would want in a phone app anyway for this but I would like to hear about your experiences.

Second I have a desktop software that estimates weight of materials based on material, size and shape. I would like to get one for my phone but the one on my desktop is not available. What have any of you found useful.

If the moderator wants me to move this to General or if there are already posts about this please let me know. Just using the search feature didnt find what I was looking for.



Dec 9, 2018
I've been using CNC Machinist Calculator PRO for years and been real happy with it. One of the very few apps I actually paid for and was well worth the ~$11 I spent. Lots of handy features I use in inspection almost daily and other features I use a few times a week machining at home.

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Mike Henry

Aug 18, 2001
Batavia, IL USA
HSMAdvisor is a F&S calculator that seems to work pretty well and I think that there is a free Smart Phone version. If you want to CAD, Onshape has a mobile version that runs on a Smart Phone. I've not used that but the desk top version works well. Onshape is free for hobbyists but $1.5k/year for commercial use so beware of that.


Cast Iron
Dec 7, 2018
CNC Machinist Calculator Pro was well worth the $13 I spent on it. The thread data alone was worth it for me.
The only other app I use is called Trig Solver. Just a simple triangle trig but has been very useful for me.


Aug 17, 2021
Only app I use is Camcut, it has alot of useful stuff in it including threads, ISO tolerances and different calculators.


Mar 31, 2013
Portland, OR
I use FSWizard as well, but only occasionally.

Most of the machining apps are on-par with Fanuc controllers as far as UI is concerned. FSWizard on the desktop is good, but the UI on phones is frustrating and the cross-platform auto layout is not working so well for it. Too many of the other machining apps try to be "cool" but machinists are not designers and it never really works. Just use the system UI elements and focus on layout and usability - pretty does not matter, but being like the McMaster website does.