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Pictures of G.T. Eames Drill Grinder in Use


Cast Iron
Mar 3, 2013
Oklahoma, USA
I was curious if anyone had any information this G.T. Eames drill grinder or if anyone has one or has used one. I’ve posted some pictures of the drill grinder and a 1 1/2” drill bit that I sharpened on this grinder. I included some shots of this sharpened drill bit before and after drilling a hole.

I bought this grinder in Grand Junction, Colorado 20+ years ago. It was supposedly out of a silver mine. Anyway, it looks old. For example, it has poured Babbitt bearings and a really old stream cooled Baldor motor.

IMG_0680.jpg IMG_0681.jpg IMG_0682.jpg IMG_0683.jpg IMG_0684.jpg IMG_0686.jpg IMG_0688.jpg IMG_0689.jpg IMG_0693.jpg IMG_0694.jpg