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PL-1340e threading chart


May 6, 2020
I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck with cutting a 13tpi thread on the PL-1340e. The chart on my machine doesn’t have it listed and tech support says it won’t cut a 13 thread.

I’m guessing that with the correct change gear it would probably work.

As tech support has let me down I’m turning to you guys for some help. Does anyone know if there are different gears that would allow for more threading options.

I could no the math but don’t really want to if I don’t t have to. 🧐
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According to their chart it will do 15tpi and 12tpi. If I had the time I'd do the math and figure it out. I'm guessing there is a change gear out there that would make it work.
thread standards

your machine will likely qualify as conforming to whitworth thread scheme introduced in 1841 by Joseph Whitworth

Whitworth was son of protestant minister in England--avoidance of number 13 being well established in
liturgical matters

otoh--the US system of thread pitch introduced number 13 into the scheme via William Sellers in 1864-
Sellers had no reluctance to use 13 for 1/2 diameter workpiece

in the pics included is image of Whitworth thread table set forth in his 1841 paper --contemporary lathe builders
often display Whitworth plates on machines--typically bench mounted--and thereby propagate a form of deciet
denying the user a greater range 0f thread pitch choices :)


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