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Planer voltage conversion


Feb 16, 2023
Greetings, I have 480 native to my shop and transform down to 240 so I try to limit the low voltage machines. I've rewired numerous motors from low to high and just did the same thing with my new/used SCMI S 520 planer, with a 12 wire motor. I used the same wiring diagram as for my other older SCMI jointer. The conversion includes just moving a wire from the 240 primary transformer terminal to the 480 V tap. The output voltage looks right.

Are there multiple ways to wire a 12 lead motor for High voltage run? I use the configuration I found on several different web pages.

I got a pop when I hit start and no motor start. Also as I was checking things, about 10 minutes in. a circuit board smoked. I removed it to find a small (hot) transformer and a blown capacitor on the board. No wonder, the transformer said 230V. :-( The Board ran the DC motor elevation.



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Dec 17, 2012
I can not offer help with your current problem. But I can tell you that in the past SCMI used to offer electrical items that were corrected for the voltage you were asking for when you ordered them. Fookin did that with a black marker on the package. We had a brake timer relay that burned out, ordered a new one. 220 crossed out and 480 hand write on the box. First time use and POOF! Ordered another and came close to making one of my guys expire. He replaced the relay and tested the machine. His head was very close to a very solid part of the feeder, part with rack gear underside. The big blue fireball and very loud POOF made him jump. He momentarily lost vision from the fireball, hit his head on the rack when he jumped up. Almost knocked him out.


Jun 25, 2008
Italians and electricity do not mix well. I had a Fiat once and have an Italian motorcycle now. They have gotten lots better, still not up to new world standards.

M. Moore

Jun 8, 2007
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Best idea for you would be to hire an electrician?
There is more to it than just changing the motor from low to high voltage. The mag switch overloads need to be changed as well. Also why would a low voltage machine have a transformer that puts out 240 volts?
Unless there is some missing info which is what I suspect given it is very common for control voltages to be different than motor voltages.
I have the S52 with knife grinder and it has been a good machine once I got it back into shape.