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Planting seeds for a good cause: Dave Byron

Baileigh inc

Feb 26, 2009
Manitowoc Wisconsin
The art of forming and shaping metal needs to be passed down to the next generation. A simple father and son project in the garage can plant a seed that can blossom into something magical down the road. Many of today’s trend setting builders and fabricators started in the shop with their fathers, uncles, and grandpas.

Dave Byron is not only a good friend of Baileigh and a phenomenal metal shaper and instructor, he is truly a metal shaping philanthropist who shares his knowledge and skills with the world. Doing what he can to keep the craft alive.

Dave has started producing these pressed belly tanker bodies out of 22 gauge aluminum with a male and female forming die. They are a simple metal shaping exercise that will require the basics: cutting, fitting, and hand forming a hem by folding over the edge all the way around the body with a shaping hammer and dolly…..perfect for planting the metal shaping seed.

He will be mass producing them with a Baileigh shop press and selling them for a good cause. Dave will be donating a large portion of the proceeds to technical and vocational schools around the country in the form of $500 scholarships for children or young adults that are interested in keeping the art of metal shaping alive.

Hats off to Dave Byron as he is one of the good guys out there in metal shaping #baileigharmy #baileighmetalshaping