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Please contact me if you see a spammer post

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Yan Wo

I think that anyone with over 50,000 posts should be "rated" Vibranium. :) Thanks for a GREAT site!


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The report post button sends an email to the moderator of which ever section the reported post is in. But I believe it sends to the moderator's personal email to which his PM account is linked. That's how it works for me anyhow.


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and make sure more than banning, delete the linky.

Both in the posting (just delete the whole post) and sometimes they have them under their name "visit my homepage".

These have been left active, and so the spammer wins.

Hence the flood of spammers as of late.

I would think you could employ the "El Gordo Nuclear button" on the spammers,
would be much faster to completely wipe that member out, all traces and postings.


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Having forums free of spam would be a blessing.
Thankfully PM is still alive and thriving
I have done what I swore I'd never do and spent time on Facebook........makes you appreciate PM;
high ratio of spam to real content, big time waster
I always read the PM Facebook newsfeed and its always good.
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