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Please ID this Steady Rest


Jul 4, 2010
Chicago, IL USA
I have this steady rest which came with my lathe and does not fit it. It is only the bottom half unfortunately, but either way does not fit the lateh. I've had it lying around the shop for some time now and I might as well do something with it, so first step is to see what it fits!
Attached are the pictures, thanks for any feedback!

Also, what could you do with bottom half of steady rest, besides make a top half? :)

I was kind of thinking that looked more like something that would sit on a grinding table. No reason it wouldn't make a decent lathe steady, though. Just need to make up an adapter base to fit the bed properly and get the center height and fwd/aft position fairly close.
Thanks! It looks very much the same as the one in John's picture, and would make sense that it was from a grinder. I was really thrown off becuase the lack of way V's on it just did not make sense to me.

I guess I will list it in the classifieds then, I really don't have a use for it as I already have a steady for my Hendey. Chances of finding a surface grinder to match it are one in a million for me!

Great feedback, appreciated.