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Positive Post for a change


Dec 2, 2008
I just want to let the group know of a very good experience I recently had with my GibbsCam provider.
I pulled the trigger and purchased Simulation to support my 5 axis machine, The first machine definition doc had a minor glitch.
I emailed Mike, my contact, and within an hour I had the new, corrected file and it worked flawlessly.
I have heard stories of other vendors and brands having to wait days or weeks for a fix.
I'm glad I did this purchase, it saved me some serious stress and likely a couple damaged parts.
Simulation, if fed the correct models, will show you Exactly what the machine/tool will do in between cutting moves.
My contact and Gibbs reseller is Michael Cecchini, with Daystrom Technologies, Inc in Denver, Co.
Thanks Mike!