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Pratt and Whitney Model B 12 x 30 for sale


Jan 14, 2013
Canyon Country, CA


Cast Iron
Aug 26, 2017
I went to look at this lathe. Beautiful machine. There is no tooling included other than the what you see in the picture. Moderate wear on the ways. There is surface rust on the exposed iron but the ways looked to be well protected with grime. The only thing I noticed missing was the block for the taper attachment. I did not run it or inspect the function of every lever and knob (it hasn't been oiled for years). This is a project machine. Better than a parts machine, I think.

I decided against it because I don't really need something in this size range, it's slow, and I'll never find a steady rest. But if you're specifically looking for a 12x30 model B this could be a winner. If I find out he's going to scrap it I'll rescue it.

The seller has some other machines for sale as well. Camelback drill, Peerless power hacksaw, Rockwell toolmaker surface grinder. Oh and a small HBM.


Jul 16, 2004
Houston, TX USA
One of several hundreds made in the war years to help fill the lathe shortage. Improved (like D1-5" spindle nose) version of the 13 which came out in the early twenties
See a floor full in my thread

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