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Pratt Whitney Model-B 13 x 30 Lathe (Anyone familiar with this machine?)


Jun 30, 2022
Hi Guys,
Anyone familiar with the Pratt Whitney model- B - 13 x 30 lathe? I picked one up a few years ago and am now getting around to getting this thing running. I am in the process of mounting a 1- 1/2 horse motor on it that came separated from it but was included with the machine when purchased. I cleaned the internals of the motor and lubed it and at the moment it seems to run well. Before mounting the motor I am welcoming any knowladge from anyone on how this lathe is operated, more specifically the clutch, there is a instruction plate on the back of the machine but at the moment not helpfull, I would like to put machine into a neutral position before starting the motor, right now the drive pulleys are very stiff but can be turned with a wrench, Any knowledge and assistance is welcomed
Mike T