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preparing a KO Lee S718HG for moving


May 22, 2006
I have a 1969 KO Lee surface grinder model S718HG which has hydraulics. There is a cabinet in the base which is where the hydraulic unit sits. It is your basic rectangular box with baffles, and a lid to which is mounted the motor, pump, relief valve, filler port and the like. The top bolts to the tank but there is no gasket. It holds about 8 gallons of high grade hydraulic fluid. It operates the cylinders and also lubricates the ways. Anyway, it's going to move to my buddy's shop. When I moved it here I had the guy drain the hydraulic fluid. No mess, but it cost me $150 or so to get two buckets of good hydraulic fluid. I do not want that to happen to my friend.

I don't have a clean 5 gallon bucket with a lid, or I'd pump 5 gallons out of the tank into the bucket and send the bucket home with him.

I'm hoping one of you has moved one of these machines without draining the hydraulic fluid can tell me how it went. Or any other comments on how to move a surface grinder.

Don’t know anything about KO, but do know shim tables with balls as they can bash dents in ways that would make it lumpy ( ask me how I found out!) shim each end for transport, I’d look on lees site for moving recommendations just in case, I once broke a spectrometer by moving without shimming the goniometer , did not go well, dents in the movement called brinelling, it needed costly remachining , for the want of a plastic shim.
My local hardware store has 5 gallon pails with lids for $5.

I moved a K.O. Lee t&c grinder about 600 miles with oil in the tank. I had a thick plastic tray underneath in case I had to brake quickly. Luckily the drive went smoothly without spilling a drop. Caveat -- it was inside my Toyota Sequoia with air suspension so that may have helped smoothen the ride.

Mine has conventional cast iron ways, no rollers so brinelling wasn't an issue either.
Did I tell you about the time oil and water from my Landis grinder poured out all over a truck,and the driver took it back to their depot ,and I had to pay an extra $400 to have the truck cleaned.
I wound up pumping 2 gallons of hydraulic fluid into clean plastic jugs that had only contained distilled water. The actual move itself is happening today.