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Press Brake Cybelec DNC 60 error code "driver KO"


Aug 29, 2023
Im new to the Press brake world
I have recently purchase an Hurco Press brake with Cybelec DNC 60 controls, I

We got the machine powered up and running,I Got the machine to index on start up and had it run through a few old programs without and tooling in.

I went ahead and added a punch and die combo in and was going to try and do a simple program for a single bend.

I index the machine on start up. but the X seems to be stuck. I get the "driver KO" error code. According to the manual that means a driver is not getting 24v. The X wont manually move. The code also causes the machine to not index or move up and and down more than a few inches. I tested the limit switch and it has amost 24v on the + and com. and nothing on the - and com.

I'm not sure what else to test as I'm a novice when it comes to these machines. The Tech is about 2 weeks out right now.
Anyone with any Ideas?