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Pressure washer question


Hot Rolled
Dec 27, 2008
N.E. Illinois
We have a Soiux industrial hot water pressure washer probably 3000-4000 psi at work. I would like to hard pipe a "drop" about 50' for the machine with a ball valve and a quick connect coupler. I would use the least amount of elbows as possible. What size pipe would be best. Pressure loss unless it's substancial is not an issue. The hose I.D. is typically 1/4" so is that the size pipe or would 1'/2" be better? Also, what grade of pipe would handle the pressure? This thing is probably in the range or 3-4 gpm. I could check that. As always any and all help is appreciated.
I d use stainless hydraulic pipe with all joints welded .........if weld is no good in the situation,then there are various hydraulic fittings that dont need a flare ,just clamp onto plain pipe.
Unclear. Is this pipe for supply or is it high pressure discharge? Either way it needs some flex hose between the pump and the rigid pipe or it will soon fracture from vibration.
Bill D
That thought never even entered my mind! Much appreciated.