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Pricing on a part...I lost my time logs.

original Porsche 356 fuel pump spacer, p/n 616.08.042.1 sells for $30-$35 for a used,; new Bakelite runs about $95-$120. The early 356A used a cast aluminum spacer, which run about $150-$180 for a rebuilt (pushrod hole is sleeved with a manganese bronze VW valve guide. The aluminum version has a simple cone/taper, without the ribs, other end is what is seen so it matches the Bakelite . (BTW, you did an outstanding job copying the bakelite piece) Porsche replaced the aluminum version with the Bakelite to prevent fuel vapor lock at the pump. Since 1963, my biz rebuilds/restores air-cooled Porsche engines.
So you're saying the aluminum housing with the Bakelite spacer is the earlier version and the solid Bakelite is later?