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probe optical sender troubleshooting


Hot Rolled
Dec 11, 2013
Alberta canada
i have a 2008 mill with the marposs probe package. i have not used it and want to now, whe i got the machine a few years ago it worked, optical sender would light up and table probe would beep when troutched(spindle probe NFG) i never used it becous it has not probe tip on the table probe.

finally bought a new one 2 years later and come to find out sometime the sending unit no longer works. the optical sender and the control box in the back both dont have power it looks like..
Any tips on troubleshooting this problem? i took a volt meter to the M22 pins that it is powered from and dont see any power at the terminals. avtivating/deactivating m22 does not seem to change the pin out voltage, but it does turn on the intidating led for the m code on the board. the breaker board does not indicat any faults, 12V led is lit....

only odd behavous i noticed was touching the m22 pins when it was off there seemed ot be some voltage bleet, it would read 7v when touched then bleed to zero in abour 1-2 seconds

im running longer time fixtures unatended some now and tool break detection would be comforting