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Problem servo y axis maho mh500w


Dec 15, 2022
Hello, i'm experiencing this problem with the servo of the y maho axis (this mean vertical z axis in cartesian coordinate system):
the servo's pinion started to try moving the gear of the axis but is osccilating as it hasn't enough power for the movement, like if it can hold position and after a little bumping and dancing the controller is returning the GROSS POSITIONING ERROR C, look below:

to me it seems like a phisical obstruction but i don't know if the problem could be also the servo motor or drive.
i also have to consider that the machine is outside now and the temperature is around 5° celsius but i suspect that if the problem would be related to temperature also the other 2 axis should act the same but they are moving correctly... so i'm afraid that there is something between driver and servo that is not acting as it should.
When i purchased the machine it was in a closed space and everything was working fine, could the temperature be responsible for this problem ????
or could it be parameter related (what parameter should i look in this case)?


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