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Problem with alarm on 2002 Makino


May 26, 2011
Shreveport/Louisiana USA
This is a copy and paste from a fellow who needs help but hasn't gotten forum rights yet,so I am just trying to help him till he gets posting rights.

2002 Makino S33L.

Anyone know how to get the alarm on the top of the control to clear? There is no alarm on the LCD, but I still can't home the machine, turn the spindle on, but I can jog all the axis.

I home it by Jogging it manually to a safe position, Turning the selector to Reference, Select the Auto Zero button, and the Start button near the Auto Zero button.

I tried to turn the Spindle on by pressing the Spindle Start button. I also tried using MDI by use of the S1000; and G00;S1000; and then the main Start button by the Feed Button.