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Problems sourcing 4 jaw chuck


Mar 20, 2024

I dont know where else to put this, but since I also own a manual lathe (Weiler MD260) I thought this might be the most appropriate.

Basically I have had my lathe for 2 months now and made a couple of projects, but am already running into limitations with the 4 jaw scroll chuck that came with it. I really need the independent 4 jaw so that I am able to center the work properly. I have been making pulleys mostly, but some of the bigger ones are simply too big to be made without the need to flip the workpiece.

The main problem is odd backplate size. It has 4 mounting holes 90 degrees apart, 120mm mounting circle diameter. I cant find a single chuck that would fit on my lathe, beside the one I got with it. The 120mm 4-hole mounting face plate is seemingly really odd size.

The chuck also is an odd size, 135mm. There are no pins, the backplate doesnt have holes for them, just 4 M8 screws which hold the chuck.

Has anyone ever encountered a similar issue? Will I have to machine an adapter so that I can fit, say, a mini-lathe 4 jaw?
Typically ,with un common spindle flanges,you modify your chuck to suit ......a simple machining operation to drill and tap four stud holes to suit ,and machine a register in the back of the chuck ............If you use separate mounting plates with small lathes ,you will lose too much centre distance,and the overhang will also be excessive.
It looks like your backplate is threaded onto the spindle, can you remove the backplate? If it is threaded, it is best (IMHO) to find a chuck that has a threaded back as it reduces the distance the chuck projects from the spindle bearings..