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Problems with CNC Mori Seiki Sl-1 - No


Jan 24, 2023
Greetings to all...

I have been having problems with a Mori Seiki SL-1 CNC machine, I hope some good walking soul can help me.

Description of the problem:
When I flip the main 220v 240v 255v power switch, it turns on the oil pump, a motor and fans in the main electrical cabinet, then turns on the SYSTEM 6T control board. When the power button is pressed, a 220v contactor is driven and the 24v 5v 0v power is started, the FANUC PC and other components are turned on, but, on the board the display does not show any image, followed by 1/2 second, the 24v 5v 0v power is turned off and the 220v contactor is opened. There is a board that has a LED which is illuminated Red with ALARM label. From there on, I have not been able to find anything else.

I have looked all over the cabinet to see if there is a problem, I managed to turn on the screen but it tells me that the machine is alarmed, and again it does not turn on the Fanuc PC or the screen, I have been looking in forums and data on the internet, at the moment I have in mind that the power supply 24v 5v 0v is failing, I have not found any short and the wires seem to be in good condition.

I checked capacitors, components, fuses, cables, boards and everything points to the 24v power supply.

The starting order is:
- Electrical Cabinet
- 24v power supply
- Servomotor Drivers

PS: When testing the parameters were lost, my workshop manager has the data but I will not be able to reprogram the parameters if I can not turn on the pc and the CNC screen.

Data from the FANUC PC and cards:
POWER SUPPLY 24V 5V 0V ---> A20B-1000-0030/06A
DISPLAY ---> A61L-0001-0076
PC ---> A16B-1000-0030/02B
IGNITION CONTROL ---> A20B-0007--34-/06A
BOARD ---> A20B-0007-0030/02A
Yes, the voltage output of the power supply shows 25.333v and the memory (since a few weeks ago a guy changed the ROM card) I managed to turn on the machine. And now I get 6 error codes
I investigated the error codes and they are not very clear, but I was told that the pc probably lost the parameters, and they have to be re-entered (an employee left the machine without power). The problem now is that I can't enter anything, the keyboard is disabled and I have no idea what is going on.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-24 at 5.30.05 PM.jpeg
Fanuc 6 uses bubble memory. You cannot lose the parameters unless the memory is corrupted or you intentionally wipe it.

Start with the 24V and 5V power supplies. They need clean DC power, no ripple and the voltage needs to be very close to nominal 25+ volts is not right. The power supplies have trim pots to adjust.

Dumb question- You are pressing Power on and then pressing "con on" right? Mori used a 2 step process to turn the machines on back then.
Yes, but we have a problem with the FANUC MDI/CRT not responding, errors 600 and 607, we have problems with the PC and the 6T Board.

I will try to turn on the cnc machine with the indications that you provided me, thanks.