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Production Plunge OD Grinding


Jun 29, 2017
SE Wiscosnin
  • Hey Guys, Tough question as I know very little about cylindrical production grinding angle head (manual or CNC) but have suddenly been tasked with bringing our process back under our roof.
  • In your opinion what makes a good production OD grinder? Which mfg would you pursue and why?
  • A surface finish of 8-15 is what we need to obtain most, diameter is secondary plus/minus .001 on nitrated steel. Standard wheel or have Norton make a special wheel?
  • Would maintaining this for 300 to 500 pieces, 4 inch diameter mostly, 1-2 inch length. Would this be more of a wheel issue? Looking for consistency and less down time/ dress time.
  • In the Midwest, who is a great distributor to work with?
  • Thanks for any input. I am an excellent form grinder in the tool room but this is a different beast.
Plunge, doesn't need to hold tolerance...can it be centerless or does it need to be between centers? Does production mean you want auto load and in process inspection?

Angle head I'd get Okuma GA26W. Don't know why...never messed with one but they look nice and take a 24" wheel