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Programing new M function on Deckel Maho FP4A


Dec 6, 2021
Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if this topic is on the forum,
I want to try something on my Deckel.
The machine is a Deckel FP4A Contour 3 Dialog 4 machine
I constructed some kind of pneumatic tool for clamping parts, it will have cylinders for moving the clamp linearly, it will have valves and pressure sensors, and much more, some little things.
In the machine documentation I saw that there are a couple of vacancies for M functions in the PLC.
My question is, can I use these free spaces to program the clamping on the machine, eg at the beginning of the program I type M51 perform the clamping action and start the program, when it ends before M30 I type eg M50 and the release action is performed.

I planned if I couldn't do this, to add an Arduino Uno control card, I would connect it between the green button for NC start, and numeric, but I'm not sure that's possible, because probably somewhere in the PLC there is a timer that counts the time between button presses and the beginning of the program.

The machine would be used for mass production of some simple pieces that have only drilling operations and sometimes a bit of milling.

If something like this is possible at all and if you have a simpler solution, please help me.

In the end, it is easiest to type G4 F ... (some delay) at the beginning of the program, but I would leave that for the last option.

Thanks to all of you :)