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Programming multiple radii in maztrol


Jul 12, 2017
Ok guys....I am a total newby to forums and I need help to write a program in maztrol. It is a 12" hollow spindle mazak. I am very familiar with the programming to a point. We do OD ID threading tapering but I've never been to any kind of schooling for it. Here I go. I need to go from a 3.5 " od to 5" od and have about 4 different radii to transition it. I went into the manuals and it just doesn't seem help me. If I could figure out how to post a picture, I would show the print for it. I think it would have to be in the covex and concave but I've never used them before.
(These lengths are backwards on print)
The first radius is 10.63 z-2.698 x-not sure
2nd radius is 3.701 z-2.042 x-5.490
3rd radius is 1.220 z-1.333 x-3.113
4thradius .197 in opposite direction(convex)?
No x or z
5th radius .629 no x or z (convex)? I think
I know this isn't much help to you guys. Just wish I could send a pic. Thanks for any help.

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You need to give better info. From z=2.698 + or - there is no point of a 10.63 radius that will touch either a 3.5 diameter or a 5.00 diameter. Cannot help if you cannot describe the geometry correctly.
You will be using your center function.But- you still have too much missing data. Arc centers? Include the type of controller.
You are on the right track using convex / concave. Mess with it a little.....when going from one rad to another, your end points from the last rad are the start points of the next one. Also try using the ? to input unknown data. I have had varying success with the ?.....I am sure there are others who better understand it.
That drawing is no good IMHO. It is as if the person making the drawing is trying to make it difficult.
Why don't you program in mm when the drawing is in mm ?
It would have helped if you gave the right dimensions to begin with.
Anyway: I figured out the radii on the left side of the drawing. Although working backwards it makes things go out of wack by 0,016mm.
Start R16: 584.23 , 117.5
start R5: 590.525 , 114.92
Start R18: 592.56 , 111.72
Start R33: 598.47 , 101.58
Start R155: 608.87 , 93.96
End R155: 636.74 , 88.9
Assuming the end Ø is 88,90.
If you let us know the end Ø on the right side it might be possible to figure out the rest.
Any typos for free..