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Puma 250 Fanuc O-TC need parameter


Aug 28, 2023
Daewoo Puma 250 Fanuc 0-TC 1998

Hello, I bought a used machine which was working perfectly fine when I went to see it at the seller's location. However, during transportation and the waiting period of about 3 months before installation and connecting it to power, when we started it up, it lost all parameters, the batteries got discharged. We replaced the batteries and contacted the previous owner, but unfortunately, they don't have the saved parameters. Does anyone have the same machine or know any information on how to obtain the parameters? If so, please reach out. I would be grateful. I've been trying every day for 5 months, but without success. You are my last hope.


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
Parameters are located in the blue book, inside the rear electrical cabinet.
Doosan/Daewoo also have them on file, contact your distributor.