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Punch or cut a 1/2" deep x 0.125" wide side-slot in 0.080" 5052 AL

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Nov 3, 2019
Ontario Canada
Cutting something that thin with a slitting saw won't work, it will vibrate and bend too easily.

Punch press/ironworker is the best way.
Cleveland tool steel makes custom punches for things exactly like this, might be a couple grand to get one. But will take seconds per part to do it. Just like punching holes, I can punch 100 holes in the matter of 10 minutes.

They also make a punch for this exact purpose. would just need it custom ordered.

check out all there youtube videos, there are some in there that have custom flat punch setups.

or this page of theres.
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Jun 28, 2012
Mt Clemens, Michigan 48035
QT: (They will only be doing these about once/week and it's around 50-100 week).
A higher quality radial arm saw feeding the saw in the away direction with an air cylinder with an oil spray might be good.