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Punching with a shop press

I have a used unipunch & new punch die set ordered. I got a new air over hydraulic jack & made a knob for the pressure release. Now I dont have to mess with the jack handle at all.


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Here's a picture of the setup so far. I have punched a few holes with it. As long as I don't raise the head to far it is about 3-4 seconds per cycle. I haven't bolted it to the plate yet. I am going to make guides for sliding the channel in & a stop to keep the hole spacing the same. Not bad for punch press that has cost me less than $500.


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This works awesome. I made a stop that fits in the last hole punched & it adjusts from a little under 1.5" to over 12" spacing. I punched all the channel for the project I am working on in less time than it took to fab this toy up. I really want to do more railings now.


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