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Purchase advice- Lagun FTV-2


Apr 8, 2023
I’m going to check out this Lagun in a day or two. Is there anything to glean from the photos? There is a mounting hole on the front on the table. I think I saw another machine that maybe had an oiler there. The owner said it’s got grease zerks currently.
Any quick checks I should make while there? Check the spindle runout?
It’s only two and a half hours away which is about as good as it gets for this area of Missouri so as long as it isn’t too bad, it’ll probably come home with me. The price is $4500 with a 20” B&S rotary table. Some collets and a drill chuck included. No knee handle.


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The Lagun FTV-2 I used to use was pretty good. It's the only mill I've used extensively and every part I made on it fit correctly. It did make a terrible clanging sound in the head on the high gearbox above a certain rpm. Didn't affect the cuts, but it was pretty annoying.

I do like that it (ours) has a pump in the base for coolant so you don't need a separate system.

Depending where you are and what it comes with, condition of the bed, sound/feel of the head, that's probably the max I'd pay for a Lagun. That's like refurbished BP / Alliant money.

But, it has a dro, good vise and you say a rotary table.

All in all, sounds like top end $ for that machine.

Hope that helps at all,
Good luck!!