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Purposely Introducing Chatter into a workpiece


Aug 26, 2017
Has anybody every played with the idea of purposely introducing chatter in order to achieve a decorative finish on a bar? I see this done on wood lathes using what is called a "chatter tool" but am not sure how it would play out on a CNC machine or if you could make the tools last the abuse. We manufacture cabinet hardware exclusively out of free-machining brass.
Use a dull tool with as large of a corner radius as you can get, and don't support it with a tailstock. Chatter will be inevitable.
I'm guessing you should study chatter in detail. It requires some tool deflection into the workpiece as the force increases, further increasing the force. Look at old anti-chatter tool holders and basically engineer the opposite action. You want to control the frequency so you can duplicate the results over a run of parts.