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QTN-30: thread size for plumbing coolant


Oct 18, 2017
I'm trying to plumb some lines on this older QTN-30 so I can supply coolant into some Sandvik drills. When using the bore/drill/bar pocket (the turret already has pockets in the face for bore/drill/bar bushings . It's not an attachment), there's two swivel nozzles (like eyeballs) on the face to spray coolant but I found out there's a few plugged ports on the circumference of the turret and if you remove those plugs, then you can use that port for coolant delivery (then I guess I have to plug the swivel nozzles somehow?).

I have no idea what size these ports are. The plugs I removed measure 0.375in on the OD but have something like a 26/27 tpi (def not 24). Anyone know the proper thread size of this hole? Is it a straight 1/8-27? I don't have a thread gauge. Been trying to reference it against some hardware in our bolt bin and haven't found a match on both OD and thread. Thanks.