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Qualichem Xtreme Cool 335 recommendations


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Does anyone have any experience with this coolant. Here is my dilemma. I am the sole tool maker in an R&D shop supporting a group of Engineers and Scientist. I have a CNC Mill, a CNC Lathe and I am about to take possession of CNC surface grinder. I am trying to find a coolant solution that would work in all three machines. Materials are: 6061-T6 aluminum, 416 & 430 Stainless, some yellow metals and a bit of plastic. I don't need a coolant to enhance cutter life or speed up machining. Rust inhibitor, some lubricity, and cooling are the features I am looking for, as well as long sump life. These machines, especially the grinder, will experience long down times. I am thing that Qualichem Xtreme Cool 335 might be the best option. Any thoughts



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Can't speak to that specific coolant, but I've used Hangsterfer's 5080 in mills, saws, and a surface grinder. Mixed with DI or distilled water. No rust, no stink, no scum to skim. Can leave it sit for weeks at a time, can go years without changing it out.