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Quarter turn fastener identification?


Aug 31, 2006
Okay, I'm trying to put the screen panel back on my TIG water cooler. The fasteners got lost in shipping.
I think it uses 1/4" Dzus 1/4 turn studs to hold it in place. I don't know that for a fact, but that's just all I've come up with so far. That plated wing stud on the right is what I've bought. 20230914_145817.jpg20230914_160031.jpg20230914_160025.jpg

I looked online and found those type of quarter turn fasteners for sale from a place called Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company. In quarter inch diameter, the longest they carry are .400".
Well, that's not long enough, and the lady on the phone says what you see is what we got. As you can see by the picture with the stud in the nut, it's up against there tight. Assembled, there's no room for the16 gauge sheet metal panel.
I couldn't find any identifying numbers on the nut that might give me an idea of the manufacturer. The Dzus fastener goes in just right and turns and locks into place like it belongs there.
I can't find anything that looks like that nut on line doing a search with Google Lens. I can't find any longer studs, either.
So, to summarize, I need a stud that's maybe .500 long. Otherwise I'll have to Cobble something else together.
This is not a make or break deal, I just thought it would be kind of neat to use the correct fastener, so, if worse comes to worse I'll use a speed nut and a sheet metal screw.
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Well I'm finally getting somewhere... although I think this company is out of singapore... least I found a picture of what I have and can see what they call it. I'm on my phone doing all this and it's a pain in the rear. A lot easier to do on the desktop for me.

Search for Dzus or turnlock and you should find something.

Southco appears to carry a bunch:

Some on Amazon too.
Think you need to learn the part number system
Probably something like 1000-fls-16 with the 16 being the number of 32s long the part is
Once you do that you can search directly for the part number
Well, after learning the part numbers, I need either an AJW4-50 or 55, or if I can live with a plain slotted head it would be AJ4-50 or 55.
The 50 and 55 are .500 and .550 usable lengths.
A cursory google search doesn't find much of either listed for sale in quantities of 4... and a few of the places will quote the prices if you inquire.
I'm beginning to this it's too much trouble... I'll just get 4 of these things and call it good.