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question about an older Fryer lathe


Dec 28, 2005
portage county, wisconsin
The company picked up a used Fryer lathe using Touch2000i programing. This is not for production but more for maintenance type one off jobs. I'm looking forward for this as threading metric on the manuals is a pain.
It is set up in the new building we are moving to. So I got to playwith it a little . I'm new to cnc lathes but so far the conversational doesn't look to difficult for me.
My problem is the tool change position. Haven't found any youtube videos on this older control. I can't find where to enter a sufficient pull back to clear all the tools. Tool turret is on the front on this machine.
The only thing I can see is to add a line move by editing the g-code.
The line move screens I see in the manual are for defining the part profile. Maybe it does it in auto, but the manual says to ensure there is clearance, so maybe not.
I'm semi-retired working 2 days a week, so it's a new adventure after working maintenance using all manuals.

Anyone out there still using this old system? I was surprised to see it on windows xp and has a touch screen.