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question about quality of cut king lathes


May 17, 2013
usa, memphis
hi, i have a cut king lathe in my area im eyeballing.
i cannot find much info about it. are these any good. i here they are a clone of a mori seki.
where can i get more information
Cut King Model 850

I just purchased a pretty heavily used Cut King Model 850, manufactured in 1978-6. There's another number on the tag but I dont know what it means: 078154. The machine needed a lot of cleaning up but the only real issues were that the coolant pump was burned up and the forward/reverse lever set screws were worn to the extent that they wouldn't engage the keyway. We've spent the last week getting this machine ready for action so I will update once we have some cutting hours on it. If anyone else has a machine like this we are looking for operator manuals or general recommendations for maintenance/lubrication/replacement parts. FYI - we paid $3000 to a used machinery supplier for this lathe. 20210713_104943.jpg20210721_131756.jpg20210721_131739.jpg
The Acer looks a bit different, I attached a pic of my YAM, forget mfr date but roughly same time frame. There are one or 2 YAM, Cadillac, Whacheon dealers in California, iirc they have a manual for these, may or may not be better than the one you found, but they are proud of it ($$).

These were a copy of a Mori Seiki lathe, being as yours is Taiwanese vs mainland China, it should be decent, but I'm not familiar with the Cut King name.


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