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Questions about a 3 Phase motor for an RPC


I'm assuming the 40a 2 Pole contactor with a 240v coil linked here

IF.. you were a "Product Engineer.." gearing up a production line to make a million units.. you should swindle to the bare minimum that would outlast a warranty. Save two bucks per, times a million units? Two million bucks, straight to the "bottom line" of the bizness. You have no other option, lest a competitor eat your lunch on price, or a "Bean Counter" tie a can to your ass for failure to fulfill your fiduciary duty to the best interests of the stockholders.

AS.. you are NOT, and need only the ONE rig, hopefully to last with ZERO hassle....until yer grand-kids are OLD?

Cheat yourself!

Upsize the arcy-sparky "wearing" goods by not less than double the expected need.

"NOS" contactors from respected major makers can be every bit as cheaply had as lighter-duty, more "popular" goods, often actually for LESS of yer scarce cash-money and even less uncertainty and hassle.

See Mouser, NRI, and other usual suspects.

$20 to $70 bucks for top-maker 3-pole, single or even double throw for my latest round of restocking the "Hell Box" at up to 125 Amp, rated.

And - not "just me" - but OSHA also prefers LOW Voltage control circuits for reduced shock hazard.

I use 24 V AC coils and pop for a "control transformer" to power them. THEN .. I can have safer remote switches, indicator lamps, and even EStops where need be.

All run with "Class 2" Field Wire.

No significant shock hazard even if cut by stoopididity, truant stock, or tools that got out of control.