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Questions. Gibbscam user that needs to learn Mastercam?


Dec 15, 2021
Hello y'all, I've been using Gibbscam for the past 11 years and will now need to learn Mastercam because the company I work for is switching over. I'm curious, what's the quickest and most efficient way to start learning to use Mastercam for someone who's in my position? Also, is switching over from Gibbs to Master simple? Thanks in advance.

Other info:
I'm only programming and operating 1 machine at the moment which is a 5-axis mill (Mori NMV5000) so no lathe training is required.


Jan 6, 2007
Bergen County
If you are running a 5 axis machine, I think you will be happily surprised to know that Mastercam and Gibbs share the use of the Module Works 3 axis and 5 axis tool paths.


Hot Rolled
Sep 16, 2006
Long Island, New York
emastercam.com forums are a real good resource. Seems to be a lot of 5 axis people there too.
They also have courses there you can buy, but for a small fee you can also have access to all their educational content for a period of time. That's what I did when I got a new job 4 years ago and wanted to get up to speed on the latest...
Good luck!