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Quick Change Tool Posts


Cast Iron
May 18, 2007
Yadkinville, NC
I've gone over to the Multifix system and no longer have a use for these.

Older Phase II piston style qctp. 250-300 is equivalent to size CXA. It is in very good condition and has not seen much use. Includes half a dozen holders. One has a USA made Jacobs 6A chuck on a MT2 arbor fitted in a custom sleeve. Cut off has a Micro 100 carbide tipped blade. 3 of the holders are Aloris brand and do not appear to have been used? $475 shipped


Large Dorian tool post, except for a chip from the ball handle it is in like new condition. It came on a lathe I got at an auction earlier this summer but it did not come with any holders. Great post for a larger lathe. Includes the center stud with top nut plus a Williams brand striking wrench that fits the nut. $500 shipped

I'm looking for a 2J D1-4 collet chuck as well as 64th size 2J collets if anyone wants to work a trade.