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Quick chek dro and acu-rite scales

J Grainger

Cast Iron
Oct 12, 2006
United Kingdom
I'm just sorting out a dro on a Baty shadowgraph from a place I used to work at.. it probably got a bit damp but basically sat unused for about 10yrs after a round of redundancies, the Quick-chek dro doesn't light up when turned on, looks like the fuse is fine and there's no burnt smell or obvious burned components inside, looks clean inside. It's got a metronics qc1200 motherboard inside.
The shadowgraph also has acu-rite 1um scales with 6 pin bayonet locking plugs.

I could get a cheap dro and scales from the internet but it seems a waste to potentially dump half or all the current setup if it's repairable. I don't know what the acu-rite scales will be compatible with.
I've done some electronic DIY audio projects but don't know anything about DROs.
Does anyone have a service manual for the readout, and am I likely to be able to adapt the current scales to a new cheap readout?

The front scale is marked Acu-rite 1um P/N 3852911706 but I've not seen anything on the internet about that specific model and don't know how to infer anything from the P/N.
I may be able to get hold of an oscilloscope but that's not a certainty yet.